Sanifyer as a Chameleonic business in the fight against COVID19

By 2 August, 2020August 7th, 2020No Comments
Artículo El Periódico

On August 1, El Periódico (a well known newspaper in Spain) published a report related to the impact of the coronavirus on the transformation of businesses.

Sanifyer headed the report as one of the companies that “have taken advantage of their technological dominance to transform themselves to fight against the COVID19“.

Francesc Sentias, Sanifyer’s CEO, explained how in the middle of the pandemic they decided to transform their fragrance nebulizer machine into the new Sanifyer.

Sentias added how they did not hesitate to transform their knowledge into R&D to help companies, shops and all kind of businesses to fight against COVID19,with an easy and reliable solution.
Now Sanifyer is already one of the leading solutions in the Spanish market for disinfection and hygiene and they are opening up to foreign markets.

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